Kinevan Road this morning, 9 June

Mark Holmgren

I walked Kinevan Rd from the bridge near Highway 154 upstream to the new bridge near the entrance to Kinevan Ranch. Though I started late in the morning, I felt I obtained a fairly thorough survey.  Lots of breeding activity.  

An Anna’s Hummingbird gathering a big wad of willow fluff is very late for nest construction.  Late enough to make me wonder if they have some other use for this stuff.  

There may be 3 total Cassin’s Vireos. In one area near the upstream bridge a loud singer and a second softer singer were present. I assume this was a male-female pair.  Not far downstream I might have heard a 3rdsinger.   

In this same general area 100m downstream of the upper bridge a Hermit Thrush sang persistently. 

I could not detect Brown Creeper, which had been seen here until early spring.

Here’s what I saw:


We still do not have a breeding record for Spotted Towhee on Kinevan Road.

Here are the breeding records we do have along Kinevan Road.

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