La Cumbre Peak Tuesday morning

Florence Sanchez

I wanted a change of pace from lerpy eucs do headed to the Peak to see if there was anything of interest there.  The answer:  not much!  

Steller's Jays continue at the Peak but otherwise, no montane birds--just local chaparral species and a Hairy Woodpecker.  Ruby-crowned Kinglets have returned.  I had no Yellow-rumps at the Peak but picked up a couple between the Peak and the first communication station to the west.

The Second communications station also did not have much of interest.  Winter returnees to this location included Say's Phoebe, Hermit Thrush, and Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Neither Toyon nor Madrone berries are ripe yet.  Action may pick up when they do turn red, and when the weather gets cooler.

Fall Flowers are few.  A few California Fuchsia and Goldenrod plants are still blooming, along with a small pink aster.  There were also a few plants of a yellow-centered "daisy" with gray-green foliage whose ID I am still working on.

Florence Sanchez