Las Cruzitas Ranch - Saturday

Robert Lindsay

11/16, 9:00 am-12:30 pm

45 birders (!) met for the SBAS Field Trip to Las Cruzitas Ranch this morning hosted by Cruz Philips and led by Wes Fritz. While Wes had them earlier in the day, none of us saw the (Lesser) Sandhill Crane that have been in the area. On the other hand, several did see Wild Turkey off the 154 on the way to the ranch. A total of 41 species was seen during the morning, the lowest total I've seen in three trips there which gives you an idea of how bird-friendly this property is. Best birds of the day were close looks at a Golden Eagle and the appearance of Lawrence's Goldfinch in a horse pasture. Other noteworthy birds included a Northern Harrier flying over the ranch, Pine Siskin at the feeders outside the ranch house, good looks at Yellow-billed Magpie, along with several Vesper and Lark Sparrows. Many thanks to Cruz for giving us access to this site and to Wes for lending his expert guidance and comprehensive knowledge of our local birds.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay
SBAS Field Trip Coordinator

Ken Hoesterey

And don't forget the two Coyotes!
That was really great to spend such a good and educational time with all you nice people, I am so glad I finally could get to go.
Thank you all very much for such a good time and thanks to our kind and generous hosts.
And also my own thanks to the two nice women who accosted me a couple of days ago and pointed me to the Sandhill Cranes, much appreciated!
Such nice people and such a good day.......
Ken Hosterey