Lewis' Woodpeckers at Cachuma

Mark Holmgren

In a morning of Meri-wether, Lewis’ Woodpeckers were out in force.  In 4 places between Hwy 154 and Cachuma Lake I saw a total of 12 individuals.  See blue polygons for the locations. 



Thinking perhaps these birds were following me around, and that I might be double-counting birds, I returned around noon to see if they remained.  At each site some of the original number of individuals seen were still present.  So, this area along the south side of Cachuma has lots of Lewis’ Woodpeckers.  

Please, please do not look for them while driving on Hwy 154.


Nothing else of great interest was seen at Cachuma.  4 white geese are on Jackrabbit Flat still.  The Cachuma Naturalists tell me those are Snow Geese.  I have not seen the 20-30 Greater White-fronted Geese in my last 2 visits to Cachuma and I’ve not seen the Cackling Geese that were there a couple weeks ago.  Shorebirds seem to be absent despite extensive mudflats.


Mark Holmgren

San Marcos Pass