Local Birding

Florence Sanchez

this morning, I went down to the mouth of Caprinteria Creek to see if the Baird's Sandpiper was still there, but I did not turn it up.  I checked a good portion of the beach to the east and didn't find it there either.  The beach had a goodly number of large shorebirds (Willets and Marbled Godwits) and a small flock of Elegant Terns.  In with the Elegants were 3 Royal Terns.  The guls at the creek mouth included several fresh juvenile Heerman's and Western Gulls

I next checked the tern flock on East Beach.  There were over 600 Elegant Terns there this morning.  They were fairly quiet (for terns) and I was able to comb through the flock several times, but turned up only one Royal Tern in the mix.  The Black Skimmer flock is up to 60 with about half that number Juveniles.  The only shorebirds present there were Willets.

Last, I checked out the Bird Refuge, in particular the shorebirds at the west end of the Lagoon nearest the Zoo.  There were 8 American Avocets there today, feeding in the traditional manner, which was nice to see.  The Black-necked Stilt flock is up to at least 12 and there were about 20 Western Sandpipers feeding in the mud.  I also had 1 Greater Yellowlegs and 1 juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher.  Nothing unexpected on the water or roosting with the Egrets and Double-crested Cormorants.

Florence Sanchez