Los Alamos - second hand report of Varied Thrush and another mid county Bald Eagle

Peter Schneekloth

I started the morning going over Drum Canyon to Los Alamos County Park. I spent some time going through many juncos and sparrows at the park and near the cemetery with nothing really notable. I ran into a new birder and Los Alamos resident Steve. He that told me he had started seeing Varied Thrush in the park within the last few weeks.

From there I took Cat Canyon, to Palmar to Foxen canyon. This is some of the same area I covered on the 16th of October when I found two Bald Eagles. I found another bird today about 9 miles as the eagle flies from where I saw those initial birds. Today's perched bird did not show any blue tags like the bird with white head on the 16th. I went back and looked at photo's and the bird from the 16th had blue tags top and bottom of wing that should have been visible on todays bird. So I am thinking this is a third Bald Eagle. A look at the distant perched bird here:

Nothing else of note seen on the route.

Peter Schneekloth