Lucy's Warbler and Yellow Warbler on Padaro Lane

Eve Martin

Hi there!

The Lucy's Warbler and Yellow Warbler were still hanging out on Padaro Lane in Carpinteria as of mid-morning today, Tuesday.  We followed Eric's great tips and started at the willows towards the end of Santa Claus Lane and found the Yellow Warbler in a front yard close to the eastern start of Padaro Lane.  The Lucy's was a tad farther west than most birders have reported it, in the willows lining the highway across from 3505 Padaro Lane.  It also spent some time in those tall eucalyptus trees adjacent to the willows.  The eucalyptus were very birdy but not that easy to bird!  One of the two Black-throated Gray Warblers was also spotted there.

A few more details in the eBird report here:

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California