MacKenzie Park Today


With curiosity getting the best of us, David and Janice Levasheff, Peggy and myself ventured into MacKenzie Park at 8:30 this morning.
The two large Lerp'd Eucs just east of the parking lot were full of birds. Cedar waxwings, and later on Band-tail pigeons commandeered the top. There was a variety of expected warblers with yellow-rumps being plentiful. We also had Western Tanager’s, an Oriole SP, and a Black-headed Grosbeak in the trees. As Florence noted, many hummers were buzzing around as well.
Turning our attention to the baseball fields, we turned up most of the expected species with an surprise Chipping Sparrow in the mix.
This park has a lot to offer, not the least of which is a convenient parking lot, working bathrooms and a variety of habitats in a compact space. We will be sure to add this park to our birding circuit.
A big thanks to Adam and Florence on this. Must have driven by it hundreds of times and never thought to bird it!
Jeff Hanson