Major Fallout at NCOS

Mark Holmgren

UCSB’s North Campus Open Space exposed a major ornithological event this morning (Thursday) as we conducted the monthly survey there.  Yesterday (Wednesday) morning Glenn Kincaid birded NCOS. See 


To describe this fallout event, Glenn Kincaid’s birding effort lasted 75 minutes on Wednesday morning starting at 8:43 am.  

He encountered many of the same animals in similar numbers as we did on our survey of the eastern half of NCOS. Except for White-crowned Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers!  On Wednesday Glenn recorded 24 and 9 of those two species. 

This morning starting at 8:03 am our totals for only the eastern half of NCOS were 169 WcSp and 157 YrWa.  They were everywhere, mostly on the more moist ground vegetation and in the low shrubs.  Toward the end of today’s survey (by 9:30 am) the huge numbers of both species were back to ‘normal’.  Most individuals had lifted and were gone.  No other species showed this fallout effect.


Does this event say something about the new restoration at NCOS?  It must have looked attractive to the large number of migrants in the air.  Did it have great food?  That’s less clear, although the birds we watched were feeding furiously before they vacated.


Bird NCOS starting here on Whittier Ave, off Storke Rd:

Mark Holmgren

Santa Barbara