missing Pinyon Jay records on eBird

Wim van Dam

For obvious reasons I was checking the eBird records of Pinyon Jay in our county and I noticed that all the more recent records that Lehman mentions are missing from eBird. Specifically these are the ones that Lehman has, but that do not show up on eBird:
  • ca. 20 near Santa Ynez (District I) 6 September 1996
  • 30–40 Dry Canyon (Sierra Madre south of Cuyama Valley) 4–9 October 2000
  • 8 Tinta Creek (Sierra Madre south of Cuyama Valley) 8 October 2000
  • 8–9 Cuyama Peak (Sierra Madre south of Cuyama Valley) 15 October 2000
If you are an eBirder who was lucky enough to see these Pinyon Jays, please consider entering them retroactively. You can use the "Historical" observation type if you don't remember the details anymore. I think that would really improve how the map of observations looks like. 


Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #378+4: Blue-footed Booby