Mission Canyon and Rocky Nook Park

Florence Sanchez

I did my frequent loop walk through the backyard of the SBMuseum of natural History and Rocky Nook Park this morning.  What was new this morning was a large number of Robins on the Museum Property--the first such gathering I've seen anywhere this fall.  Previously I've had only  sporadic sightings of individuals, but these birds were everywhere.  Not present at Rocky Nook though.

The persimmon tree on the Museum property continues to pull in various birds.  Today, it was woodpeckers--in a span of 5 minutes or so, I had Hairy, Nuttalls, and Downy all make an appearance at the ripe fruit.  A robin and a single Yellow-rump also visited the tree while I was watching.

The best bird in rocky Nook was a continuing Canyon Wren in the upper creek area.

Florence Sanchez