Mission Creek Outflow this morning

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Seeing Mark Holmgren’s list from this location, I was inspired to have a look.  Marilyn Harding was with me. The large shorebirds are there!  We had 40 Long-billed Curlews, a smattering of Willets, some Whimbrels.  I include my list, which was interrupted when a traffic officer started to check cars for permits.  I think if you go earlier, you won’t be fined, but around 11 a.m., she’s out giving tickets. 
There’s a big lagoon down there now, and you can count birds by walking up onto the sand berm (right next to the skate board park).
Noted 25 summering Black Skimmers.
Good birding!  
Joan Lentz