more lerping Yellow Warblers

Patrick McNulty

This evening about 6:45 at Stow House, the top 20 feet or so of
probably the same row of Eucalypts (between the parking lot and
the train tracks) contained at least 15 and maybe 20 Yellow
Warblers. Their movements were too rapid and erratic for an easy
count. Also a few tanagers and some House Finches, but mainly
Yellow Warblers. The grove had been very quiet at 6pm when I


"Robert A. Hamilton" wrote:

Hi All,

In a 3 September message to Calbird, Kimball Garrett asked people to
consider monitoring bird use of lerp-infested eucalyptus groves. In
Davis, Steve Hampton indicated heavy use of infested trees by Yellow
Warblers, House Sparrows, and various other species (migratory,
resident, and exotic). This past weekend, at Stow House in Goleta, I
noted about 8 Yellow Warblers foraging in a grove of infested eucs;
other migrants doing the same included 2+ Orange-crowned Warblers, a
Nashville Warbler, 2 Townsend's Warblers, a Hermit Warbler, two Wilson's
Warbler, five Western Tanagers, a Black-headed Grosbeak, a Lazuli
Bunting, and two Bullock's Orioles. A Virginia's Warbler was reported
there early last week, and undoubtedly many other species are slurping

At Refugio State Beach (west of Goleta), an infested grove was being
used by at least four Yellow Warblers -- among a few other species
foraging in these trees I was a little surprised to see two House
Sparrows. I notice that Steve has seen 1-10 House Sparrows foraging in
his trees, so maybe it's not so surprising...

Robb Hamilton
Trabuco Canyon

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