Mystery birds in Santa Maria


Hi All,

I just received a phone call from Janet Weatherall in Santa Maria. She
reports 2 mystery birds that have returned for 2 days in a row to perch
behind her home on the 3rd light pole east of the corner of E. Donovan
and Suey Crossing (on Donovan) in Santa Maria. She states that the
birds arrive mid-day and stay for about 20 minutes before flying off
towards the river. She describes them as "falcon-like with a smallish
(parrot-like) head, about 3/4 the size of a red-tailed hawk with a
smooth rosy-rust chest without streaking, speckled wings (when folded),
a large yellow bill and large yellowish eyes." She states that they
remind her of our Poor-will logo on our--LPAS-- newsletter. She's
relatively certain that they aren't Red-tailed or Red-shouldered Hawks
and is asking for anyone in the area that happens to see the birds to
please help her ID them.


Becky Hoban