Naw, there's 3 VEFLs at O'Connell Park

Don Tate

This is a non-protocol "report" I'm sure, sorry. Herb Elliot produced fine telephotos of "the" immature male VEFL at the water treatment plant in Guadalupe. Other reporters have also reported immatures as "the." Herb's meritorious photo is of the immature I call "Salmo" because of its flank & belly color. Last immature I saw there was "Pinko," with less grayish on breast & head a few weeks ago. Pinko lacked the blood-red intensity of the adult. The two immatures have been entertaining observers one at a time, except for me and Wes Fritz. I'm sure second-hand reporting is a sin, but Wes emailed me to say he saw both at once, and then turned his head and saw the adult (I tried that too, just for kicks - no luck). Three VEFLs may be of only moderate interest at Wes' extent of experience, but I mention it here to attest that I wasn't drunk and seeing double. Thank you,

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