Neotropic Cormorant and south coast birding Saturday, August 8

Dave Compton

Hi everyone,

At the Bird Refuge today, I saw one adult Neotropic Cormorant, looking very much like the bird both Adam and Glenn have photographed recently. This bird, incidentally, does not look like the one that was at Devereux last month. That one had a much less prominent white patch on the chin. So, I suspect this is a new bird. Not a lot else to report here. As Hugh mentioned, the west end has some shorebird habitat, but it doesn't have many shorebirds. For anyone posting about Neotropic Cormorants, please continue to supply some details about these birds in you eBird checklists. This is still a very rare species in our area, and photos and descriptions can go along way in helping us keep track of how many are or have been in the area.

After the Bird Refuge, I decided to do a quick search of other cormorant spots on the south coast, so checked out Goleta Beach, Campus Lagoon at UCSB, and Devereux Slough. I did not find any more Neotropics among the many Double-cresteds I saw, which included a lot of them still in the rookery at Goleta Beach.

Of note, Great Blue Herons still have nestlings at both Goleta Beach (two nests, three total young) and Devereux Slough (one nest within a single nestling). This is pretty late for this species to have nestlings, although we had a Great Blue nest active at Devereux into August last year. One Great Egret nest also still had two nestlings at Devereux.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara