News from the CBRC

James Pike


 Although the record of a potential European Golden-Plover from Devereux Slough, SBA, 21-29 Jan 2017, came within one vote of passage on its third round, it ultimately fell short of acceptance on the fourth and final round. European experts that had been consulted were uniformly supportive of the identification, but key details of structure and plumage were difficult to discern in the relatively low-quality photos that had been obtained. Further, the diagnostic white underwings weren't definitively seen or studied, a significant omission for such an important record. Thus, while most members thought the identification correct, the committee prefers better documentation accompanying a first state record. Additional details on this record can be found when the 44th report of the California Bird Records Committee is published in Western Birds later this year. Note that recent committee decisions are updated regularly on the CBRC website ( and are available either by querying the database or by viewing the Table of Updates to Rare Birds of California.  

Jim Pike
Huntington Beach