No waterthrush today at Bird Refuge

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi Birders:
Marilyn Harding & I walked from the parking lot at the Bird Refuge to the southwest corner to look for Mark Holmgren’s Northern Waterthrush seen yesterday. No luck today, but we did see the yellow “canary” he mentioned, an escaped bird, so we were in the right location. We were joined by Marge & Don Thornton also looking for the waterthrush.
Yesterday, before I realized how smoky the air had become, I stopped at the patch of pines on Ortega Ridge Rd, where I heard at least 3 Red-breasted Nuthatches. It’s interesting that they’re unaccompanied this year by other montane species such as chickadees or Pygmy Nuthatches, as Dave mentioned in his post about Figueroa Mtn.
Loureyro Rd where Romero Creek crosses is still good with running water & common birds bathing.
Lastly, in my garden where seed and water is very available, I had NO White-crowned Sparrows on a list I made this evening!

Good birding!
Joan Lentz