non-migration birding

Bradley Hacker

This AM I went to the saddle on E Camino Cielo 1/2-way between Sam Narcos and Pained Cave to see if the nice migrant activity seen a few days ago was continuing. There was a weak NE wind and zero migrants in 15 minutes.

I drove east along ECC looking for action. Eventually I ended up at La Cumbre and wandered around there for quite a while. Here the NE wind was quite strong; a few migrants (1-2 individuals of ~6 species) were surfing SSE to NNW up Mission Creek and crossing the saddle 50-100 m east of the remnants of the fire tower. Not overly exciting, but interesting to see the marked eastward gradient in wind speed between Pained Cave and La Cumbre and interesting to see a weak stream of migrants tacking up the lee side of the hill, crossing the front range, and launching for the Sierra Madres and beyond.

Unexciting list
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Good birding, 

Bradley Hacker
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