North County Birding

John Deacon


I birded 5 locations in the north county this morning-  

1.  Brown Road Riparian-30 species.  All expected for this area.
2.  Guadalupe Fire Station Riparian Area-Expected species.
3.  Guadalupe Corral, TRBL Area-No Trikes, but I estimated about 200 Horned Larks in the corral area.  I couldn't pull anything unusual out of the HOLAs but lighting was not good.
4.  A Street Ponds-My intention was to simply do a drive by but I saw 3 Kingbirds in the storage area next to the house across the street from the southern most pond.  One was a Tropical and the other 2 were Cassin's.
5.  I drove through Waller Park to see if there were any unusual ducks.  There are 2 Cackling Geese in the pond closest to Orcutt Road.  Nothing else but Mallards, Domestic Geese and a single Ruddy Duck.

Checklists below:

John Deacon