North County Birds

John Deacon


Today I quickly birded Jim May Park, Preisker Park, North Blosser Pond, SMWTP and A Street Ponds.  Nothing rare but I was mildly surprised to find 41 Wilson's Phalaropes at the SMWTP.  I saw a stunning number of Mallards at the SMWTP.  I counted over 500 which included about 100 young ducklings.  Those of you who have been there know that there are nooks and crannies where ducks can hide and it is very difficult to count them when they are in the weeds on the banks.  It is very likely that the 504 I reported was a serious undercount.  The only other ducks were a few Ruddy Ducks.

Also mildly surprising were Say's Phoebes at the North Blosser Pond and at the A Street Ponds.  

Everything else I saw today was to be expected at these locations.

John Deacon

John Deacon