North County Not So Hotspots

John Deacon


I birded a few "underbirded" sites in the North County today.  I started with Pioneer Park.  Nothing noteworthy there except the Airport District's continued destruction of unspoiled habitat in the area.  Next I stopped at the Blosser Road bridge over Solomon Creek.  Again, nothing noteworthy.  I think this site has potential though.  Year round flowing water is nicely bordered with willows.

Next I stopped at Triangle Pond and was treated to a distant sighting of an Osprey; the first for this hot spot.  If you bird this location, start at the bridge crossing San Antonio Creek just east of Richmond Road.  It is a nice mixture of flowing water, rocky creek bottom and lots of riparian vegetation.  At Triangle Pond itself, Virginia Rails continue to grunt regularly here.  Four Gadwall were flushed when a young deer turned left instead of right to avoid me.  He ended up crashing through the pond, eventually disappearing through the cat tails.  

Next stop was East Associated Road.  The White Winged Dove was along side the road, perched on the fence to the goat "shanty town" on the south side of the road.  Kind of noteworthy were two Loggerhead Shrike, especially in light of the fact that I saw 3 more on NTU Road about 1/2 hour later.

John Deacon

John Deacon