Ovenbird at the Ortega Ridge Pines in Summerland

John Callender

While birding at the Ortega Ridge Pines above Summerland today I was lucky enough to spot an Ovenbird walking on the ground under the brush canopy. There also were a number of Red-breasted Nuthatches; I reported 3, but there may have been more. Photos, including some poor shots of the Ovenbird, are in the eBird list below:
Access at this spot is a little counterintuitive the first time you visit. I usually park at the turnout on the west side of Greenwell Avenue, just south of its intersection with Ortega Ridge Road. The location from which I saw the Ovenbird (34.4280685, -119.6011396) is near the intersection of two private roads (Ortega Ranch Road and Ortega Ranch Lane), but can also be accessed via the public Montecito Trails Foundation trail that leads in from Ortega Ridge Road just west of Ortega Ranch Road. The MTF trails form a network throughout the area to the south and west.
John Callender