Adam Lewis (sbfledgling)

There's a small flock of Phainopeplas in our neighborhood north of Lake Los Carneros.  They've found the pineapple guavas in our yards.  Most plants are in back yards but mine is in the front.   I'll post bird pictures later but the sightings have been usually 6 and as a large as 10.  About half are adult males.  The others are (subject to expert confirmation) 2 juvenile males molting from the shoulders down, a few female/juveniles, one with faint yellow forehead and crest usually down. There's at least one adult female.  You're welcome to view them from my yard.  Best time is afternoon as the sun is good, from the driveway.  It's easy to see them in a Mimosa tree just above.  
My address is 6570 Camino Venturoso off Covington Way.  No need to knock first.  It can be a lively show, sometimes it's like Cirque de Phainopepla
Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis (sbfledgling)

A few pictures here…


I just looked outside.  They’ve stripped a lot of flower petals,  not many left.