Pine Warbler, etc.

Dave Compton

I found the Pine Warbler this, morning in Rod Rodenberg Park in Santa Maria, after about an hour and a half search. I saw the bird mostly on the ground, near Santa Barbara Drive, just east of the ball field. As indicated previously, finding it may take patience: patience I didn't have when I searched for the Eastern Phoebe. I spent about 50 minutes looking for this bird along Industrial Way, and despite the good directions from John and Jamie, I failed to find it. A Say's Phoebe spent the entire 50 minutes on or near the south fence of the golf course near the big eucalyptus tree, so maybe the Eastern was somewhere waiting his turn.

Otherwise, I had several Red-breasted Nuthatches at Rodenberg Park, and heard what was probably a Red Crossbill, but I was too distracted by what my eBird app was doing to focus on the bird and confirm it. I visited Jim May Park after looking for the Phoebe and saw nothing more interesting than a Green Heron and what appeared to be a rather small Herring Gull.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara