possible sage thrasher, SYR at Lompoc

Don Tate

Saturday 12:50 PM while walking sans bins on Hancock College Bike Path along edge of river plain, I heard an unfamiliar vociferation, much repeated. Consistent with Xeno-Canto examples of Sage Thrasher call. It popped up looking like a thrasher, but too gray and short-billed to be Cal Thrash. It overflew me to other side of canyon mouth, and I saw fairly big white spots along the rear edge of long (for a dickie bird) tail. It looked mockingbird-ish, but I think I would have discerned any big white patches in wings. I didn't scan it quickly enough to make out any streaking on breast.

The canyon mouth is where the bike path from Hwy 1 near old drive-in turns north toward Hancock College.

Don Tate, Vandenberg Village