Possible Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Santa Maria Riv Estuary

Mark Holmgren

I birded the SMRE this morning.  The most noteworthy event was what I did not see--none of the tens of 1000s of Sooty Shearwaters that we formerly saw off the western coast of SB Co.  
A child gleefully chased and cleared the estuary mouth of birds as I arrived to scope the berm and estuary so I barely found a single sandpiper.  
But, I may have seen a fresh juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.  It was tough to get decent photos.  The bird was in two places along the section of the channel that is closest to the entrance road.  One cannot park a car and observe along the entrance road, but you can park in the county park and walk back up the road.  Photos attached here; notes and photos on my eBird checklist. 
If this is correctly identified, this may be our first North County record.  A couple of YcNH have been at Morro Bay for at least a year now.

Mark Holmgren
Santa Barbara