Probable Hairy Woodpecker at Devereux Slough

Bill Crowe

Hi Santa Barbara Birders.

This is my first post to this list serve. Please forgive the late post.

 I surveyed Coal Oil Point. Last Tuesday July 23rd. I saw the juvenile yellow crowned night herons that Mark and the others posted about at Devereux Slough. I went up the pond trail and saw several raptors including two juvenile white tailed kites and a red tailed hawk. I saw what appears to be a hairy woodpecker. It was foraging in the oaks near the camera. It then moved to the snag of dead trees close to the pond itself. I attached a picture to verify it's identification. I also saw a Downy's wood pecker and two Nuttall's woodpeckers and several acorn woodpeckers in various areas of the reserve. I saw several oak titmouse in several areas of the reserve as well

I surveyed sands beach and saw the nesting snowy plovers. I saw several of the snowy plovers that were released by the Santa Barbara zoo last Thursday (July18th). I also saw 150 or so black bellied plovers roosting in the slough mouth. Several of these birds were retaining their full breeding plumage. Also there were 32 semipalmated plovers roosting in the slough mouth and 14 sanderlings foraging along the tideline. In the slough itself I saw a few least and western sandpipers and a few mallards. One had a brood of six older ducklings.

Good birding,

Bill Crowe
Woodland Hills
(424) 208-9815