Purple Martin Breeding 2020

Glenn Kincaid

Today Adrian O’Loghlen and I made our last scheduled visit of the season to check on the Purple Martin nesting colony in/near Nojoqui Falls Park.

Upon arrival at the park we counted 27 chattering Purple Martins in flight.  In or near the two remaining active nest cavities we saw an additional 5 young birds, for a total of 32.

This year we confirmed 10 active nest cavities (Confirmed = young birds, food delivery to cavity, or fecal sac removal from cavity).  This year all were in the vicinity of where the park abuts Alisal Road.  We saw young birds in 6 of the 10 cavities.  At or near Alisal Ranch we did not document any confirmed nesting activity, unfortunately a continuing downward trend at this previously active site.  Overall count of 10 is average for at least the 2 prior years.

Glenn Kincaid
Santa Barbara