Quiota Creek, Refugio rd. Santa Ynez

Rob Hofberg

I spent a good 2 1/2 hours walking Refugio Rd. from the sharp hairpin to the road closed sign and back.

Lots of birds. I counted 9 hermit thrush, 2 pink-sided juncos (I saw 2 of them last time I was there. Maybe they're the same ones?), 16 turkeys and a Cassin's kingbird among other expected birds.

Also interesting is what I DID NOT see. The area is usually overrun with starlings, I didn't see or hear one today. Nor did I find song sparrow, mourning dove, a hummingbird  or quail in that perfect habitat for them. I only saw 2 yellow-rumped warblers, and one was a "myrtle". Only 2 white-crowned sparrows also.

Rob Hofberg