Recording bird leg bands

Jim Greaves <greaves@...>

Regarding below request (#175 from Kathleen Whitney, subject Burrowing Owls
and recording bird leg band combinations): normal protocol for reading
bands is top-left/lower-left -- top-right/lower-right -- for instance:
red/green [left leg] -- FWS/blue [right leg] -- where FWS is the Fish and
Wildlife Service band [sometimes also abbreviated as "S" indicating its
silver color]. Also, please distinguish lime green (pale) from dark green,
light blue (pale sky blue) from dark blue, etc; if the band is striped (for
instance 'white-lightblue') - or pink, or whatever color(s) you may see...

Message: 175
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 00:36:34 -0700
From: "Kathleen L. Whitney"
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Hey everyone! The Burrowing Owls have arrived this weekend so keep an eye
out for them in appropriate habitat (ie Bridle Ridge, More Mesa, fields
south of Ocean Meadows Golf Course, ag fields ANYWHERE! And Please let me
know what you find (I have been keeping a database for the past 5 years).
Also, if you can see the legs - look for color bands and record these band
combinations. Good birding everyone! Kathleen