Reddish Egret, et. al. Goleta Beach this morning

Dika Golovatchoff

I was at the viewing platform watching Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Black Necked Stilts, etc. but no Reddish when Jeff Hansen decided to check the west end of the beach and called me and others.  We went over there and sure enough it was foraging on the beach at surf's edge.  I tried to catch some active views and some in which the feathering could be clearly seen. Around 10:30 it flew off toward the east.  A group of Whimbrels flew in and stayed a while and then left.  

I've posted a few photos at: 

Kate Reed

I also spotted the Reddish foraging on the beach right by the west end of the parking lot, around 12:15pm today. After a few minutes it flew west. A while later (around 1pm) we walked on the path over the bluffs past the west end of the beach and looked down onto the next beach over (closer to UCSB gate) and spotted the Reddish again, sitting among some gulls and shorebirds and camouflaging pretty well against the kelp.

My photos are not as high quality, but they are attached to my checklist.

Thanks to others who shared their observations of this bird!

Kate Reed, Goleta