Reddish Egret, Etc.

Robert Lindsay

Arrived at Goleta Beach at 8:00 AM. A sub-adult Yellow-Crowned Night Heron was perched on the wire leading from the viewing platform next to the caretakers complex across the drainage channel. It was gone 20 minutes later when I returned. The were still lots of Icterids (Brown-headed Cowbird, Brewer's and Red-Winged Blackbird) on the grass around the restroom at the central parking lot. No Yellow-headed Blackbird and no blackbird with the white fringe on the red epaulet, but I didn't search very long. The Reddish Egret was foraging (quite successfully) on the beach at the western-most end of the park.

Went to Campus Point next. The dolphin activity continues but is quite reduced from recent description and very far out (1/2+ miles) from the point. I was able to discern shearwaters but much too far away to even guess at species. A fairly large group of Black Turnstone flew over the rocks at Campus Point and a couple lit briefly before continuing down coast. No other birds on the rocks. The beach below the Marine Science buildings had lots of Whimbrel and Long-billed Curlew and a few Willets but no peeps or other shorebirds. Quite a few gulls on the kelp racks down coast from the stairs but nothing else I could see.

At Lake Los Carneros it was pretty sparse. Had a California Thrasher, a young male Nuttall's Woodpecker (thanks for the tip, Adrian). Best bird here was a male Black-Headed Grosbeak high in the Eucalyptus next to the parking lot.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay