Bradley Hacker

I made an AM visit to Refugio Canyon.
* The campground is still jammed with people and the back-dune pond extends underneath the bridge, meaning that the usual riparian habit is now a lake with Mallards and Coots. I had a quick look at the flock of uneasy looking gulls being chased around, and then left...too many people.
* The first creek crossing was more lively, but nothing special. There were a few sparrows and warblers, with the most "exciting" being a Nashville and Black-Throated Gray.
* The upper canyon has been neutron bombed (it would seem). In an hour and 1.9 km the only sparrows I saw were Juncos, and the only warblers one Yellow-Rump and one Townsends. A couple of lovely Hermit Thrushes were present in the upper, wet section of the creek below the fly horse ranch.

Brad Hacker, Goleta

Good birding, 

Bradley Hacker
Goleta CA