Refugio Lucy’s Warbler

Dave Compton

I had long looks at a Lucy’s Warbler at Refugio State Beach, in lerpy eucalyptus in the western part of the park, near the railroad tracks. It stayed consistently in the area closest to the tracks. An odd site was a pigmentation challenged empid that I suspect was a Willow Flycatcher. It was very pale and yellowish overall. I saw it near the bridge around 9:15, then returned later and heard but did not see a whitting empid. I suspect it was the same bird, and therefore was likely a Willow.

Also present were a smattering of Yellow, Wilson’s, and Orange-crowned Warblers, one Townsend’s, and a Western Tanager, with most activity in the area where the Lucy’s was. Outside the park entrance, a group of four thrashers included one with a white head.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara