RFI 1994 hybrid wigeon

Tom Miko

I am entering old pre-internet bird observations into eBird (when I should be out looking for October vagrants), and I am currently entering a long day trip from San Pedro up to Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and back and the problem is that not only do the names of bird species change, but sometimes the names of the places where you saw them also changes. I have an entry from February 13, 1994 for a hybrid American / Eurasian Wigeon in a  place in Santa Barbara called Sandpiper Park. I'm not finding this place on eBird. There is a golf course with this name.
There are other parks in other counties and in other states with this name, but I'm not finding the place where this hybrid wigeon was, in Santa Barbara County. Does anybody have any records for this hybrid wigeon from the winter of 1984? if I saw this bird at the time, it was very likely because I found out about it from others and I was chasing a known bird.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County