Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Lake Los Carneros

Libby Patten

A non-birder friend who does garden maintenance around Stow House sent me a very clear iPhone photo of a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak today. He saw the bird late this morning at a feeder in the caretaker’s yard. He reported that the caretaker has seen this bird for days (maybe longer?). I went briefly mid-afternoon to see if I could find it by searching near the house (but not in the private yard). I heard a song that could have been that bird - a slightly drowsier version of the Black-headed Grosbeak song. I also very briefly saw a grosbeak that I assumed was a female Black-headed, but later realized it may have been a female Rose-breasted as it was fairly white on the underside with a yellow breast. I will return to look again. 

Please take care not to disturb the caretakers. 

Libby Patten
Santa Barbara