Ruddy Turnstone continues at Sands Beach

Florence Sanchez

I walked the beach this morning starting a little after 9:30 a.m.  I first spotted the Ruddy Turnstone at the ocean's edge with a small group of Sanderlings, but almost immediately the flock took flight over the water.  When the Sanderlings came back to shore, the Turnstone was not with them.  Later on I spotted it up on the dry sand, picking at the kelp piles there.  When I came back from walking all the way west to the next point and back, it was still in the vicinity but had moved further east to almost the end of the Snowy Plover area.

All told, there were not a lot of shorebirds on the beach and around Coal Oil Point at mid to late morning.  The largest group was a flock of 44 Black-belied Plovers near Coal Oil Point.  I had few "Peeps" today:  the aforementioned  Sanderlings, 1 Least Sandpiper well up the beach, and 1 Western Sandpiper at Coal Oil Point.  No sign of a Semi-palmated Sandpiper.  Other shorebirds found were a few Willets, 1 Whimbrel, 4 Long-billed Curlews, and of course, Snowy Plovers.  An Elegant Tern was fishing off shore with 2 Caspian Terns.  One of the Caspian Terns was a juvenile.

The Dune Pond is completely dry now.

Florence Sanchez