Sands Beach / South Devereux yesterday afternoon (Least Tern)

Steven Gaulin

Sorry for the late post but still may be of interest to some, especially those keeping track of returning shorebirds. 

Devereux Sough was not quite devoid of avian life forms. There were a few of the expected herons and egrets and some D-C Cormorants, but no Y-C Night-Herons and no Neotropic Cormorant.

Sands Beach was more interesting; almost all the action was on the perhaps 80 meters of sand that currently separates the south end of the slough from the ocean. In addition to the numerous Snowy Plovers, about 8 Semipalmated were mixed in, as were a dozen Black-bellied, two with significant remnants of breeding plumage. There were 15-20 each of Whimbrel and Long-billed Curlew and two Marbled Godwits. Six Western sandpipers were working the surf-line as was one silent Dowitcher. An Osprey paid a brief visit, upsetting the assembled company, including 9 Caspian and 1 Royal Tern that had been roosting together, and one Least Tern that had been intermittently fishing and roosting among the Snowy Plovers.

Good birding to all,
Steven Gaulin
Santa Barbara