Santa Barbara CBC

Rebecca Coulter

Greetings birders,

We are starting the planning for the 121st Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC). We’ll be assessing the Covid-related guidelines from National Audubon as well as the rules for Santa Barbara County and the state before we make our final decision. The count date is Saturday, January 2, 2021.  It’s clear that if we decide to go forward, this will definitely be a different CBC than in years past in terms of gatherings, but we hope to find a creative approach to conducting the survey that will work for all of us. National Audubon’s CBC guidelines request that compilers wait until November 15 to make a final decision, allowing everyone time to evaluate the latest Covid status in their area. They fully support canceling this year’s effort if needed; we hope we don’t have to. Please contact the compilers in our neighboring regions about the status of their CBCs; we are all doing our best to sort out the details!

We will let you know about the Santa Barbara CBC on November 15th. Until then, stay healthy and enjoy the fall birding!

Rebecca Coulter, Liz Muraoka, Joan Murdoch and Libby Patten
SB CBC Coordinators