Santa Barbara Cemetery, Bird Refuge, 11-16

Dave Compton

I birded the Santa Barbara Cemetery and the Andree Clark Bird Refuge earlier today. The only bird of note that had not been reportedly previously, at least that I can recall, was a YELLOW WARBLER in the willows at the Bird Refuge near the corner of Cabrillo and Los Patos Way (the intersection east of the parking lot). I saw only one female HOODED MERGANSER at the Bird Refuge (compared to two reported previously), on the south side of the center island. The neighborhood TROPICAL KINGBIRD was at the cemetery, near the west end. 

I recall someone said numbers of shovelers at the Bird Refuge were lower than in recent years. Well, they are here in numbers, now. I had about two hundred, and similar numbers of Ruddy Ducks. The western part of the refuge supports some decent shorebird habitat, but I saw nothing of interest here, just some Least Sandpipers, a dozen Long-billed Dowitchers, the majority of the 20 or so Black-necked Stilts in the area, a couple of Greater Yellowlegs, and a few Killdeer.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara