Santa Maria Mesa Road

Jamie Chavez

If one can be impressed by raven numbers I had two fairly large groups flying NW out of the Sisquoc River drainage in District C this morning while birding the ponds along SM Mesa Rd. I keep separate lists for the ponds when I stop through on my way to Tepusquet Canyon. At the center pond, I counted 19 ravens flying overhead in loosely associating flocks and stragglers, and at the center pond a little to the east, another similar group totaled 43. This is the highest count of ravens I've recorded away from the Cuyama Valley. I'm not sure where they were headed other than over the hills in the direction of Twitchell Res. Also in the east pond was a latish female Ring-necked Duck. She was the only duck on the water.

Jamie M. Chavez
Santa Maria, CA