Santa Yanez River

Florence Sanchez

I decided to bird the area of the Santa Ynez River near Buellton where a Northern Parula was found on Sunday.  Obviously, if that was my sole goal for the day, I should have gone to Devereux to look for the one there!  However, I've never birded the River at that point and took advantage of perfect weather to find out a little more about that spot.

I did not turn up a Parula.  The spot where John had it Sunday was birdless today and I checked it 3 times.  However, the rest of the walk along the River was quite productive.  Lots of singing by Warbling Vireos, Yellow Warblers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, and I saw several Ash-throated Flycatchers too as well as lot of the more common birds.

My best find was a singing Willow Flycatcher (full "BRREE-bew") song at a pond in the river bed about 100 yards or so down from the Santa Rosa Road bridge.  I didn't get a good visual but heard the bird sing several times both when I passed the spot walking upcreek and walking downcreek.  Sometimes it would make a few "whit" calls as well.

I also had what appeared to be a mated pair of Wilson's Warblers well down river, and a singing Yellow-breasted Chat in that same area.

Florence Sanchez