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Any South Coast Santa Barbarians interested in car-pooling for this?

Reminder received today from Gene Lynch

Subject: Central Coast Birding Rally [Lompoc/Santa Ynez Valley area]

Less than a month remains in the registration period for the Rally. We
hope that you are putting something together, and that you will join us
in October. We also have several individuals who have registered and are
looking for team partners. These are all in the Hobby Class.
You can e-mail team or individual registration directly to Dean Wineman,
<>. Include names, addresses, phone numbers, which class
you want to enter, and which valley you want to bird.
Those of you who came last year know how much fun it is, and those who
missed it, come join us and take advantage of the activities. The full
schedule of events is listed on the webpage:
LPAS has been given a limited number of hotel rooms for the Rally. If
you are coming from out of town, make a weekend of it. Stay a couple of
nights, enjoy the Reception, the Rally, the Picnic, and maybe one of the
Sunday morning tours of a Central Coast Birding Trail site.
Hope to see you.
Gene Lynch
La Purisima AS

Jim Greaves <greaves@...>


Regarding quoted part of #142, WHICH parking lot ?

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Hi all, This morning a male Summer Tanager, Hermit Warbler, Western
Tanagers, and so much more, were all feeding in the euc's east of the
parking lot. }}}

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Jim Greaves <greaves@...>

It would prevent confusion of those of us who read the messages, but not
the subject lines (oft buried in mime notices and other headers) if
locations were made part of the text of each message on this list. Thanks.
I apologize for my last question wondering about "which parking lot?" at
Stowe [sic] House (BTW, it is "Stow" without an "e") - ;-)