SBMNH birds this morning

Rebecca Coulter

To follow up on Florence's post from yesterday, I've been seeing a huge increase in Robin numbers over the past week. They are devouring the Toyon berries, which are at various ripeness levels all around the property. Cedar Waxwings seem lower in number this season so far. 

Also this morning, 3 Western Tanagers were in a conifer next to the MacVeagh House front porch. They seemed to be eating the tops of little cone buds, or something like that. Couldn't really get a close-up of exactly what. I've never noticed them in the conifers much. As Florence mentioned, the persimmons are mostly attracting woodpeckers right now, since I expect the fruits are still pretty hard to get through. But once they're open, warblers and kinglets tend to get in there for bits of fruit. I'm keeping my ears open for that Summer Tanager...not heard or seen yet.

Rebecca Coulter