Solitary Sandpiper and American Bittern, Feb 3

Florence Sanchez

I managed to run down both these species this morning after missing them several times this year.  The Sandpiper was at the SOUTHeast end of Lake Jocelyn at little after 10 a.m. this morning.  It spent most of time I was observing in the corner and was sometimes obscured by the patches of tules, but eventually it would come back into view.  Other birds present there this morning were a continuing group of Green-winged Teal (about 20) and the male Ringnecked Duck, 2 Kildeer, and a Great Blue Heron.

I spotted the American Bittern at LLC around 11 a.m. in the tules on the north side of the lake more or less opposite the east end of the dam.  It was not at water's edge but perched halfway up in the tules.  I watched it stretch it's neck and point the bill almost straight up; then turn almost 180 degrees and back again several times.   

I check a couple of place sfor gesse, but the onlu place that I could find any was at the Sandpiper Golf Course, and they were all Canada Geese.

Florence Sanchez

(PS--no sign of the Orchard Oriole on Santa Monica Creek around 9:30, but it was very windy and virtually no land birds were out there.)