Some birds N County and Tecolote Creek

Mark Holmgren

Yesterday in Los Alamos, the Barn Swallows are still breeding.  Possibly as many as 5 pairs bred not far from Centennial Park this summer. The Santa Maria Wastewater Treatment Plant had only a few Greater Yellowlegs and no other shorebirds.  The Santa Maria River Estuary had 5 Amer. White Pelicans, 2 Red-necked Phalarope, and more than 30 Least Terns flying around the estuary and on the beach.  I did not see the Reddish Egret or the turnstones seen by Jamie C. earlier in the day. 

This morning I walked 1.8 miles in Tecolote Ck bottom.  A few birds still sang, and were presumably still involved in bringing off babies.  But the activity was greatly diminished relative to that of 30 June.  I attached  a Common Ground-Dove recording to my checklist, found 4 Wilson's Warbler locations, only 1 Warbling Vireo, 4 Yellow Warblers, and the remainder were expected species.  I've been surprised to not find Black-chinned Hummingbird in places I usually see them.  
A Red-shouldered Hawk took a crow and twice carried it into the forest with no great difficulty.

Here's a quiz bird call taken from Tecolote Ck this morning for those of you named Libby Patten.  Its the 6-note descending call.  The clearest renditions are during the airplane pass over.  I do not know what bird made this call.

Mark Holmgren
Santa Barbara