Steller's Jays near Santa Maria <jcwings@...>

Hello all,

This is interesting... There are at least two Steller's Jays near Orcutt
in the Lake Marie Estates neighborhood found yesterday 9/30. This is
east of the 101 freeway about one mile or so on Clark Ave. Lake Marie
has well established trees and plants around its older custom homes, and
in particular, some very big pines. As far as I know this is a first for
the Santa Maria area or the north county away from the mountains or more
inland records.

During the mountain bird invasion a few years ago there were Red
Crossbills, Mountain Chickadees, and Cassin's Finches here. A recent
sighting of Mountain Chickadee in Arroyo Grande Creek (riparian habitat)
was unexpected so keep your eyes open for mountain birds down low.

Jamie Chavez
Santa Maria