Stow Park and El Capitan, Sunday


A quick look at Stow Park this morning at 9 turned up quite a large
flock of warblers in the eucs along La Patera, although nothing
unusual: I saw only Yellow Rumps, Townsend's, one Yellow, and
Orange-crowns. A very bright male Bullock's Oriole was also feeding on
the lerps. A Brown Creeper worked up and down the trunk of the first
large oak south of the caretaker's house. Several TVs, no Zone-tail.

At El Capitan around noon, Guy Tingos, Dave Compton and I had a good
look at the Scarlet Tanager at Campsite 2, in the large, mostly bare
deciduous tree (help me, botanists?) overhanging the road. We worked
hard to find the Magnolia Warbler at the clearing next to the creek
just up from the beach, but to no avail. When we wandered over to the
other side of the creek, I nearly collided with it in the clump of
willows along the path just north of the porta-john. It was moving low
in the willow, very close to the path; we followed it back to the creek
mouth, where it flitted about in the willows on the west side of the
creek. Lovely bird, and worth the chase!

Rebecca Coulter