sunday at El Capitan State Beach

Patrick McNulty

This morning, Sunday, Bill and Joan Murdoch, George and Maxine
Roland, and I were at El Capitan. We arrived about 7:30 and
found two other birders at the amphitheatre who had just seen the
Prothonotory Warbler in the "Catalina Cherry" bush at its western
edge. It reappeared briefly there about 8 am but was seen by
only part of our group. We could not find it again until about 9
am, when we found it moving around between the trees opposite
campsite 27, the trees and shrubs surrounding campsite 28, and
the berry bush in front of the restrooms across from 28, when we
got several good looks.

There was also a brief appearance by a Virginia's warbler on the
hillside across from 27.

Many other warblers, tanagers, grosbeaks (only BH that we could
find), Warbling vireos, some White-crowned sparrows, and lots of
other bird activity.

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